Other constructions

Other constructions
The possibilities are virtually endless. If you can imagine it, we are more than likely able to make it. It is obvious that we pay attention to the functioning of the construction in the way it is intended, in other words: you don’t have to worry your bench is unable to carry your weight, we have calculated all of that in advance! Below are a few examples of possibilities.

From left to right and from top to bottom, a present to a former colleague, ‘mini gabions’, benches in Madurodam, The Hague, Signage HTCE, Eindhoven, optical traffic stop, Klein Groningen, a beautiful standing table and a partition into which glass and lighting are incorporated in Alkmaar! Evidently, we are also able to arrange a fun ornament or fireplace in your garden!

Spot-welded gabions
Spot-welded gabions are mainly used for these applications. Spot-welded gabions have a rectangular or square mesh opening and are standard manufactured from ‘Galfan’ wire (steel wire with a pre-applied alloy consisting of 90% zinc (Zn) and 10% aluminium (Al)). The subsoil for the application of gabions is usually strong enough to carry a foundation on steel and, in that case, a substrate of concrete or a layer of debris suffices.

Braided gabions
Gabion mattresses are made of braided panels. Braided gabions have a hexagonal mesh opening and are made of ‘Galfan’ wire (steel wire with a pre-applied alloy consisting of 90% zinc (Zn) and 10% aluminium (Al)). These gabions are often applied as gabion mattresses and used as erosion protection of banks. Gabions made of spot-welded mesh panels are usually applied for large-scale applications and in cases where aesthetics is important.

Provided the material is frost-resistant (when applied outside), it can be processed into our gabions. When the construction is supposed to be placed inside, we can even fill it with candy.
The most playful filling we worked with, are balloons!

We are also the place to be when it comes to repairs! Large, small, we don’t care, we are always prepared to pay you a visit. Whether it involves a repair of the mesh or the stone filling, it doesn’t matter. Even when it is not a construction we implemented, but still has to be repaired professionally.