About us

We currently consist of a small, close-knit team of 11 professionals. The majority of our colleagues is involved in the execution, and our office staff consists of the calculator/work planner, secretariat/administration and marketing/HRM.

Building gabions truly is a profession. Technical insight and working hard are requirements, but passion is just as important to us! Fortunately, our guys are not lacking any of that. We hardly have any staff turnover at Nautilus; the people we work with are very loyal!

We have been active since 1995.


Building with nature, that’s the future as far as we are concerned. And we are happy to contribute to that goal. We strive to be as sustainable as possible in our business operations, product development and execution. This means environmentally friendly, socially responsible (SROI) and economically efficient.

Our gabions are also a way to meet the ever-increasing demand of eco-civil applications. These products are functional, have a long service life and are virtually maintenance-free.

Thinking along

Our strength lies in the development of total solutions. Innovating, brainstorming beforehand, designing, building, adjusting at location where necessary and the potential aftercare. Rapid switching, flexible and service-oriented.

No construction it too crazy for us, we always give you an honest answer and we think along from the drawing table to the delivery.

That’s us.